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How do I get the CD-ROM version?
I can’t find any content on the topic I’m interested in. How do I effectively utilize the search functionality?
Any plans for Arabic hadith?
Why do you have “xyz” translation/commentary? OR why do you have content from “abc”? It/they are mistaken/misguided/unlearned.
Can you add tafseer/commentary of hadith?
Why do you have a donate button?
Can I see Arabic text as well as the meaning while reciting an Ayah?
How can I know which Ayah being recited?
Sometimes I am not seeing the play button near Ayah. Why is it so?
To learn the surah I want to play each Ayah of the selected range repeatedly and play the range repeatedly. How can I do it?
I started playing the recitation for a given surah. Later, I wanted to start from the beginning again. How can I do it?
If I want to listen to the surah repeatedly, how can I do so?
How do I choose the reciter?
How can I select the font and size of surah text?
How can I Play Quran recitation?
What is Qur'an recitation?
How can I become a scholar in
How can I see translation of an ayah by different Authors?
In compare page I want to see text from the selected translations instead of seeing all. How can I do that?
How can I select the font and size of surah text and English text?
What is there in Hadith section and how can I view Hadith?
Can I know the narrator when I am reading a particular Hadith?
How can I move from one Hadith to other?
How do I search hadith by narrator?
What is Hadith subject index and how to select Hadith based on subject?
Can I share Hadith with others?
Is there any support available for Arabic Playhouse CD?
What to do when a Muslim dies?
How to go about a burial of a deceased Muslim or Muslimah?
What to say or recite when a Muslim die?
What is the function of cemetery in supporting the burial of a deceased? A cemetery, is also a business. Its primary function?
What do Muslims say when a Muslim dies?
How do I go about finding a funeral director?
How to find a Muslim cemetery in metropolitan?
Are there Muslim cemeteries available in USA?
Why a concrete or plastic liner is placed in a burial site?
Do Imams or qualified Muslims perform washing & preparation of deceased for burial at Muslim funeral homes?
How to find Muslim funeral home or washing facility in any locality in USA?
What to do when there is no Muslim funeral home or washing facility available?
Do Muslim funeral homes exist in United States?
What is a funeral home and what are its responsibilities?