Support & Feedback


  1. A genuine and respectable knowledge and interest in the Holy Quran, Sunnah, Islamic contents, and Islamic History. Intermediate to advanced level knowledge in these areas will be highly preferred.
  2. Intermediate to advance level knowledge of Internet Portals and how they work.
  3. Fluency in English.
  4. Experience in Social Media and Marketing is a plus.
  5. High School plus educational background will be preferred.

General Expectations

  1. Each volunteer will receive a job description for their area of commitment as his/her assignment.
  2. Volunteers are expected to respect the organizational culture in the Alim Foundation and the type of services it provides. provides contents and services that serve Muslims around the world. Volunteers are expected to be mindful of this fact.
  3. Volunteers are going to be representing in all of their actions including the communications they make with the end users and with vendors/partners.
  4. Your committed hours/days are very important to us. Always commit to the time that is easily affordable and can be fulfilled without undue hardship.

Confidentiality and Ethics

  1. Do not share confidential information to any end users. If 're not sure, always ask for clarification and help.
  2. While you're part of the Volunteer team, use Alim's infrastructure cautiously. This includes use of the email, website, or any content that is being exchanged between the partners/vendors.
  3. If you're unable to sustain the committed hours and responsibilities, be sure to reach out to your mentor. Alim team supports the balanced work and personal life.

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