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Idda of Women in their Houses when Divorced in Them

Yahya related to me from Malik thal Yahya ibn Said heardal-Qasim ibn Muhammad and Sulayman ibn Yasar both mentionthat Yahya ibn Said ibn al-As divorced the daughter ofAbd ar-Rahman ibn al-Hakam irrevocably, so Abd ar-Rahmanibn al-Hakam took her away A'isha umm al-muminin sent toMarwan ibn al-Hakam who was the Amir of al-Madina at thattime. She said, "Fear Allah and make him return the womanto her house." Marwan said in what Sulayman related,''Abd ar-Rahman has the upper hand over me." Marwan saidin what al-Qasim related, "Hasn't the affair of Fatimabint Qays reached you?" A'isha said, "You are forced tomention the story of Fatima " Marwan said, "If you knowthat evil, whatever evil there was between those two isenough for you." (See hadith 67.)