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Idda of Slave-Girls Divorced by Their Husbands

Malik said, "What is done among us when a slave divorcesa slave-girl when she is a slave and then she is setfree, is that her idda is the idda of a slave-girl, andher being set free does not change her idda whether ornot he can still return to her. Her idda is not altered."

Malik added, "The hadd-punishment which a slave incurs isthe same as this. When he is freed after he has incurredbut before the punishment has been executed, his hadd isthe hadd of the slave."

Malik said, "When a free man divorces a slave-girl threetimes, her idda is two periods. When a slave divorces afree woman twice, her idda is three periods."

Malik said about a man who had a slave-girl as a wife,and he bought her and set her free, ''Her idda is theidda of a slave-girl, i.e. two periods, as long as he hasnot had intercourse with her. If he has had intercoursewith her after buying her and before he set her free, sheonly has to wait until one period has passed . "