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Idda of Slave-Girls whose Master or Husband Dies

Yahya related to me the like of that from Malik from IbnShihab.

Malik said, about a slave who divorced a slave-girl butdid not make it absolute, "He can return to her. If hethen dies while she is still in the idda from herdivorce, she does the idda of a slave-girl whose husbanddies, and it is two months and five days. If she has beenset free and he can return to her, and she does notchoose to separate after she has been set free, and hedies while she is in the idda from the divorce, she doesthe idda of a free woman whose husband has died, fourmonths and ten days. That is because the idda ofwidowhood befell her while she was free, so her idda isthe idda of a free woman."

Malik said, "That is what is done among us."