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Coitus Interruptus

Yahya related to me from Malik from Rabia ibn Abi Abdar-Rahman from Muhammad ibn Yahya ibn Habban that IbnMuhayriz said, "I went into the mosque and saw Abu Saidal-Khudri and so I sat by him and asked him about coitusinterruptus. Abu Said al-Khudri said, 'We went out withthe Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant himpeace, on the expedition to the Banu al-Mustaliq. We tooksome Arabs prisoner, and we desired the women as celibacywas hard for us. We wanted the ransom, so we wanted topractise coitus interruptus. We said, 'Shall we practisecoitus interruptus while the Messenger of Allah, mayAllah bless him and grant him peace, is among us beforewe ask him?' We asked him about that and he said, 'Youdon't have to not do it. There is no self which is tocome into existence up to the Day of Rising but that itwill come into existence.' "