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5. Battle Between the truth and falsehood

15. Battle of the Ditch

18. Operations Against Banu Sa'ad

24. Campaign Against Banu Tai

36. Ali's Oration on the Death of Abu Bakr

43. Defiance of Muawiyah

48. Ayesha's Occupation of Basra

53. The Battle of the Camel

59. In Quest of Peace with Muawiyah

63. Months of Suspense

72. Revolt of Khurrit Bin Rashid

92. Sayings of Ali

In its dimensions the Battle of Badr was one of the most insignificant battles, but in its significance it proved to be one of the most momentous battles in the history of mankind. The battle became a turning point in the history of Islam. If the Muslims had lost the battle, that would have been the end of Islam as the Holy Prophet himself feared. The Muslim victory in the battle established the truth of Islam. The battle humbled the pride of the Quraish. It cast a pall of mourning over Makkah for almost every family among the Quraish lost some dear one in the battle. The Quraish who had persecuted the Muslims for over eleven years had now to lick up their own wounds. The battle became the beginning of the end of paganism in Arabia. The tribes who had under the influence of the Quraish refused to listen to the message of Islam now felt the need of winning the favor of the Muslims. With the defeat of their allies, the Jews of Madina were forced to rethink of their relationship with the Muslims. Because of the booty that the Muslims received at the battle, the economic condition of the Muslims in Madina improved. The battle adversely affected the economic conditions of the Quraish firstly because of the loss that they suffered at the battle, and secondly because the trade route to Syria became unsafe for them. The great significance of the battle was that it assured the Muslims that a great destiny awaited him. The Holy Prophet felt happy that God had fulfilled His promise with him. The battle proved to be a landmark in the life of Ali for thereafter he came to be acclaimed as the greatest and the bravest warrior among the Muslims. Because of his bravery in the Battle of Badr, Ali won from the Holy Prophet the title of "Haider-i-Karrar" the warrior whom no body could beat.