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One day, Ayesha was sitting in the house of her parents and was weeping when the Holy Prophet appeared all of a sudden, and after the usual salutation spoke to his wife, "O Ayesha if you are innocent, God will come to your help; if you are guilty repent, and ask forgiveness". Ayesha said that she had to wait till God cleared her of the insinuation for He alone was her witness. Before the Holy Prophet could leave the house of his father-in-law, the signs of divine revelation manifested themselves on the Holy Prophet. His mother-in law placed a cushion under his head and covered him with a Yemeni cloak. When the revelation was over, drops of perspiration trickled down his face. He smiled and said, "Glad tiding to you Ayesha, God the Most High has exculpated you, and borne witness to your innocence". Ayesha thereafter returned to the house of the Holy Prophet and those who had slandered were punished.