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The Battle of Khyber was another turning point in the annals of Islam. It had far reaching consequences. The Muslim rule was no longer confined to Madina and its immediate environments. It came to be extended to other parts of Arabia and the Jews who had been so hostile to the Muslims had become the subjects of the Islamic state. The Quraish could no longer bank on the support of the Jews. If we study the events that took place one after the other we can discern the Hand of God directing the course of things in favor of the Muslims. The Hudaibiya pact which was apparently unfavorable to the Muslims paved the way to the conquest of Khyber, and the conquest of Khyber paved the way to the conquest of Makkah. Ali was the Victor of Khyber. The exploits of Ali at Khyber have attained the dimensions of legends. History is however silent as to how Ali was rewarded for his services. The amount of the tribute from Khyber was sufficiently large and Ali as the Victor of Khyber must have got a lion's share thereof. Because of his fraternity with the Holy Prophet, Ali had his share in the tribute from Fadak as well. All these resources would have made him sufficiently rich, and all accounts that dilate on the poverty of Ali appear to be far from the truth.