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When Ali reached the territory of Banu Tai, Adi could not make up his mind to face the Muslims in battle. He quietly escaped to Syria with a few followers, leaving his clansmen to their fate. Ali overpowered the Hanu Tai and returned to Madina carrying in his train a large number or men and women of Banu Tai as captives. These included Sufana, a daughter of Hatim. At Madina, the Holy Prophet set Sufana at liberty because of the consideration for her father, the illustrious Hatim. Sufana had some attributes of her father. She said that she was the daughter of a man who ransomed prisoners, fed the poor and helped those in distress. As the daughter of such a man she could not accept her liberty unless her clansmen were also freed. The Holy Prophet out-hatimed Hatim, and set all prisoners of Banu Tai free. That impressed Sufana a good deal. She felt that the Holy Prophet was a great man and the religion that he preached was the true faith. She felt that to be generous to others and yet to worship idols who were incapable of doing any harm or good was inconsistent. One who professed to be generous should necessarily worship such Being who was Almighty, Omnipotent, and Sustainer of all mankind. When Sufana left Madina she was already a Muslim at heart. Sufana proceeded to Syria, and told her brother of the generous treatment that Banu Tai had met at the hands of the Holy Prophet. Adi visited Madina and accepted Islam. He had lessons in Islam from Ali. Thereafter the entire tribe of Banu Tai accepted Islam.