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The Banu Zabada was an Arab tribe who had their settlement a few miles west of Madina. The tribe had accepted Islam and they had a mosque in their settlement. The chief of the tribe was Amar b Madi Kurb. Amar had a blood feud with Ushus Khusee, the chief of a neighbor tribe. The tribe of Ushus Khusee had also accepted Islam. In the days of ignorance, Ushus Khusee had killed the father of Amar. Amar burnt with the urge to seek vengeance from Ushus for the murder of his father. As both the parties had accepted Islam, the case was brought to the Holy Prophet for arbitration. After hearing the case, the Holy Prophet decided that after the acceptance of Islam, the question of seeking vengeance in the case of any blood feud which had prevailed in the days of ignorance did not arise. The judgment hurt Amar. He, and at his instance his tribe abjured Islam, and raised the standard of revolt. In a rebellious mood, Amar killed Harith b Ka'b the chief of a tribe which had accepted Islam. The aggrieved tribe brought the high handedness on the part of Amar and Banu Zabada to the notice of the Holy Prophet.