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In the Holy Ka'aba there were many ornaments which had been gifted by the devotees from time to time, and embellished the walls of the House of God. Umar was of the opinion that all such ornaments should be removed from the Holy Ka'aba. And used for the purposes of the State. Umar sought the advice of Ali, who advised as follows:

When Makkah was conquered, the Holy Prophet demolished the idols in the Holy Ka'aba, but he did not touch the ornaments which embellished the walls of the Holy Ka'aba. If there had been anything objectionable to the decoration of the walls of the Holy Ka'aba, the Holy Prophet would have removed them. As he did not do so, it means that there is no objection to such ornamentation now if such ornaments are removed, it would mean that you are depriving the House of God of something to which the Holy Prophet had not objected. I would not advise you to do anything of which the Holy Prophet was aware but chose to take no action. "

Umar accepted the advice of Ali and let the ornaments remain in the Holy Ka'aba.