Support & Feedback

When Ali came to know that his mission in Kufa had succeeded, and a force of ten thousand men from Kufa was coming to swell his ranks, he felt very happy. He proceeded one stage from ar-Rabd to welcome the men from Kufa. When he met the men from Kufa, he welcomed them enthusiastically. Addressing them he said: "Brave warriors of Kufa! You were always distinguished for your prowess and bravery. It was you who overran Persia. Your highly developed sense of love for religion and justice has always led you to help the weaker against the stronger and the right against the wrong. Unfortunately some of our brethren have chosen to follow the wrong way and sown discord among the community. I have sought your help in restoring unity among the Muslims. Those who have separated from us have no cause. They are misguided and I want them to see the light of reason. I have no intention of leading you to any sanguinary battle. You are to be the volunteers of peace, and we have to proceed to Basra on a mission of peace. I am sure your presence in such a large number will tilt the scale in favor of the right. The services of the people in the cause of peace would not be forgotten, and after the problem of Basra has been tackled, I will shift the capital from Madina to Kufa. That would greatly add to the importance of Kufa, and to the prosperity of its people." In reply to the address of Ali, some leaders of the people of Kufa paid tribute to the greatness of Ali. They said that in view of his relationship with the Holy Prophet, his learning, his piety, and his meritorious record of service in the cause of Islam, he was the most suitable person among the Muslims to be their Caliph. They accordingly offered him their support without any reservation. They assured him that they would stand by him in thick and thin, and in peace and war.