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When Ali and his troops halted at Dhulkan midway between ar-Rabda and Basra, they were joined by Othman b Hanif, the Alid Governor of Basra. The Governor had been taken captive by the rebels and lodged in the prison. Later he was released under the orders of Ayesha. Othman b Hanif was in a sorry state when he confronted Ali, half dead from the treatment that he had received at the hands of the rebels. He said, O Commander of the Faithful, you sent me to Basra with a beard, but now I return to you disgraced having none. Ali consoled him and said that his services in the cause of Islam would be recognized, and he would be compensated for the privations that he had suffered. Ali humorously remarked that he was old when he had sent him to Basra, but he had returned to him looking younger. Othman b Hanif joined the retinue, and accompanied Ali to Basra.