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The arguments advanced by Qais did not carry weight with Ali that made Ali suspicious of the loyalty of Qais. The stand taken by Qais against the orders of Ali was interpreted by Ali to be an evidence of Qais's alignment with those who wanted to create trouble for Ali by raising the cry for vengeance for the blood of Othman. Ali deposed Qais. When Muawiyah came to know of these developments he felt happy that his plan to sow dissentions between Ali and Qais had succeeded. He invited Qais to come over to Syria after his deposition, and offered him a high office. Qais refused the offer. He held that though Ali had misunderstood him ant treated him unjustly yet this could not affect his loyalty to Ali. After deposition Qais returned to Madina. The deposition of Qais from the governorship of Egypt proved to be a great mistake. It set the stage for the occupation of Egypt by Muawiyah.