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'Amr b Al-Aas was a prominent member of the Banu Sahm section of the Quraish. His father Al-Aas b Wail was the chief of the Banu Sahm and was a well to do merchant who commanded great influence among the Quraish of Makkah. When the Holy Prophet of Islam announced his mission, Al-Aas was one of the prominent members of the Quraish who pressed all their influence into service to oppose the Holy Prophet and torture the Muslims. Hisham a brother of 'Amr, however, accepted Islam in the early years of the mission of the Holy Prophet, and in spite of the pressure of his father did not recant from Islam. Hisham was one of the Muslims to migrate to Abysinnia. 'Amr headed the delegation that the Quraish sent to Abysinnia to prevail upon the ruler of Abysinnia to turn away the Muslims from his country. The mission failed and the ruler of Abysinnia refused to oblige the Quraish. After the migration of the Holy Prophet to Madina 'Amr took part in all the battles that the Quraish fought against the Muslims.