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'Amr b Al-Aas felt much grieved at his deposition. Back in Madina, 'Amr had an interview with Othman which ended in bitterness. He began to criticize the administration of Othman in harsh terms. He played an important part in fanning discontent against the caliphate of Othman. In the revolt against Othman, the Egyptians were in the forefront and one of the grievances of the Egyptians was the deposition of 'Amr b Al-Aas from the governorship of Egypt 'Amr b Al-Aas made no secret of his opposition to Othman. He openly challenged Othman that he would raise the entire Muslim world against him. When the revolt against Othman gained momentum, and Madina came to be thronged with rebels from various parts of the Muslim world, 'Amr b Al-Aas left Madina for his lands in Palestine. He was in Palestine when Othman was assassinated.