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The Quraish failed miserably in their attack on the Holy Quran. In view of their defeat on this front, the Quraish changed their strategy, and adopted new maneuvers. They whipped up their persecution campaign on the one hand, and offered inducements to the Holy Prophet on the other hand. They offered him the crown of Makkah in case he desisted from his activities. The Prophet was neither daunted by the persecution campaign of the Quraish, nor was he attracted by their inducements. He declared that even if all the wealth of the world was offered to him, he would not falter in the fulfillment of the mission entrusted to him by God. By 616 the Quraish felt the ground slipping under their feet. Their mission to Abyssinia had failed. Their attack on the Holy Quran had failed. Their campaign of persecution had failed to overawe the Holy Prophet. Their inducements had been turned down scornfully by the Holy Prophet. The Quraish failed to prevail any Muslim to return to his previous faith. On the other hand some remarkable conversions had been made to Islam. Islam had spread outside Makkah, and pockets of the Muslims had come to be established in other parts of Arabia.