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At this stage the situation in Basra took the shape of conflict between the two tribes, Banu Tamim and Banu Azd. The Alid government had ceased to function independently and was reduced to the status of a vassal of the Azd tribe. Ziyad wrote to Ali informing him of the situation in Basra. Ali sent a small force from Kufa under the command of Abu b Dhabiah Mujashi. He belonged to the Banu Tamim, and his mission was to prevail upon his tribes to repudiate their allegiance to Muawiyah. Al Mujashi failed in his mission, and he was killed by his own tribesmen.

At the death of Mujashi, Ziyad planned military action against Banu Tamim to seek. Vengeance for the blood of Mujashi. The two tribes of Azd and Banu Tamim however entered into a truce agreement to maintain the status quo, and the military action contemplated by Ziyad could not be undertaken. Ziyad brought the state of affairs to the notice of Ali. This time Ali sent a force under Jariah b Qadamah. He also belonged to the Banu Tamim tribe. The mission of Jariah met with success and he was able to win many persons of the Banu Tamim to his side. Jariah and his men besieged the house where al Hadrami was lodged, and set it on fire. Al Hadrami and his men were burnt alive. With the death of al Hadrami, the government of Ali regained the control of Basra.