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Basr deposed the Alid Governor of Makkah and appointed a new Governor on behalf of Muawiyah. Thereafter Basr and his troops proceeded to Yemen. The Governor of Yemen was Ubaidullah b Abbas, a cousin of Ali. He made a feeble attempt to resist the invader, but then fled from the battlefield leaving the command to his deputy Abdullah Harithi. In the action that followed Abdullah was defeated and killed. Thereafter Basr entered the capital city of Yemen. He resorted to atrocities as a savage brute and is referred to by some historians as a second Nero. He killed the young children of Ubaidullah. Most of the men of Yemen who had fought against the Syrians were taken captive and killed. Like the people of Madina and Makkah, the people of Yemen were made to take the oath of allegiance to Muawiyah.