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Because of his multi-dimensional greatness, and outstanding qualities, Ali is known by many appellations, and each appellation projects some particular aspect of his greatness. Some of these appellations are as follows:Murtada - he with whom God is pleased. Maula - the master. Haidar-i-Karrar - the brave warrior against whom no one could stand. Asad Allah - the lion of God. Al-Ghalib - the victorious. Sher-i-Yazdan - the bravest man of the age. Mushldl Kusha - one who resolved the difficulties of the people. Shah-i-Awlia - the king of saints. Shah-i-Mominin - the king of the pious. Abu Turab - Father of the Earth. Amir-ul-Momineen -the leader of the faithful. Amin-ul-Momineen - the trustee of the faithful. Imam-ul-Muttaqeen - the leader of the god-fearing. Sayyid-ul-Arab - the chief of the Arabs. Al Wasi - the testamenter. Al Hadi - the guide. Al Zahid - the chaste. Al Abid - the pious. Al Salah - the reformer.