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Ali held that the Caliph is the agent of the community charged with the responsibility to administer the affairs of the community in accordance with the injunctions of Islam. He should strive to follow in the footsteps of the Holy Prophet. He should be a pious and staunch Muslim who should follow the Shariah himself and should enforce it for others. He should be a man of knowledge and should not be ignorant. He should not be covetous or ambitious. He should be concerned more with the Hereafter than the world. He should be of good disposition. He should be sympathetic. He should not be cruel and should not oppress the people. He should have a firm hold on authority and should see that the functionaries of the state perform their duties honestly and efficiently. He should be just and should administer justice without fear or favor. He should promote the welfare of the people. He should enforce law and order with a strong hand. He should be a source of strength for the weak and a matter of terror for those who usurp the rights of others. He should defend the country against foreign aggression. He should maintain law and order within the country. He should keep a strict watch on the functionaries of the state. He should be sympathetic, and should solve the problems of the people. The people should have easy access to him and he should command their confidence. He should regard government as a trial, and should take steps to insure that when weighed in the balance he is not found wanting.