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In another sermon, Ali talked about the world and the Hereafter in the following terms: "The world has turned its face, and given an indication of its impending end. The Hereafter is now becoming manifest. Beware, today is the day to activate your body, tomorrow is the day assigned for the race. Now either Paradise or Hell lies ahead of you. Is there no one among you who should repent before his death, and do some good deeds which would stand him in good stead in the Hereafter. You are living today in the world of hopes and desires, but beware that death lies in ambush. Ho who does good deeds before his death, such deeds would be a source of profit for him. His death will not harm him in any way. He who falls into error before his death will be at loss, and will come to grief. In the event of weal or woe you should act as one would act in the case of fear or terror. The truth is that there is no reward greater than Paradise, and there is no punishment severer than Hell. Beware that whom the truth does not profit, falsehood will certainly harm him. He who is not guided is doomed to destruction. Beware that you have been given the command to march. The goods that you can carry with you on your march have also been indicated. I am worried about you in two things, firstly your subservience to your lust, and secondly the excess of your longings. March to the Hereafter with such assets which can save you from punishment on the Doomsday".