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Abdullah b Sa'ad held the office of the Governor under Uthman for eleven years. Abdullah b Sa'ad made extensive conquests. He conquered the whole of North Africa. He even conquered a part of Spain. He undertook an expedition to Nubia. He built a strong navy and defeated the Byzantines in numerous naval battles. Under him the revenues increased substantially. Abdullah b Sa'ad was a good ruler, but in spite of that Egypt became a hot bed of sedition against the Government of Uthman. Muhammad b Hudhaifa, Muhammad b Abu Bakr poisoned the political atmosphere in Egypt by carrying a vilification campaign against Uthman. They were supported by Umar b Yasir, Ibn Saba, and the party of 'Amr b Al 'Aas . In 655 C.E. when Abdullah b Sa'ad went to Madina, power was captured in his absence by Muhammad b Hudhalfa, Abdullah returned to Egypt, but he was unable to recapture power. He retired to Ramlah were he died two years later.