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Saeed surveyed the situation in Kufa. His finding was that agitation and mischief were aboard in Kufa. The peace loving and law abiding citizens were sitting shut up in their houses, while the society in Kufa had come to be dominated by agitators and mischief mongers. He apprised Uthman of the situation. Uthman advised him to patronize the law abiding citizens, and neutralize the activities of the mischief makers of a diplomatic handling of the situation. In accordance with the advice of Uthman, the first line of action of Saeed was to placate those from whom any mischief could be expected. Saeed invited such persons and admitted them to his society. Saeed would hold meetings with such people almost every night and consulted them on the affairs of the State. Saeed's strategy was to give such persons a sense of participation in the affairs of the State thereby neutralizing their power of mischief making. On the other hand the plan of such persons was to subvert the administration from within.