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7. The Caliphate of Abu Bakr and Umar

18. Uthman's Concept of the Caliphate

19. Governors of Uthman

22. Campaigns Against Nubia

25. Conquest of the Island of Cypress

26. Campaigns in Syria, Armenia, and Asia Minor

32. Transoxiana

35. Abdur Rahman bin Auf

50. Naila's Letter to Amir Muawiyah

52. What the Companions Said About Uthman's Assasination

59. Politics in the time of Uthman

After deposition 'Amr b Al 'Aas returned to Madina and spear-headed the movement for agitation against Uthman in Madina. 'Amr b Al 'Aas freely indulged in the criticism of Uthman, and lost no opportunity in agitating against Uthman. Once when Uthman took him to task for indulging in base talk, 'Amr b A1 'Aas said some unkind words against Affan the father of Uthman. Marwan took objection to these insulting remarks, but Uthman chose to remain quiet. Once when Uthman was addressing the congregation in the mosque and justifying his position, Amr b A1 'Aas contradicted him, and adopted an insulting stance. 'Amr b A1 ,Aas had a strong party in Egypt and this party created a good deal of trouble for Uthman. When the rioters from Egypt came to Madina they enjoyed the support of 'Amr b A1 'Aas . When the agitation against Uthman grew in momentum, 'Amr b A1 'Aas left Madina for Palestine. While departing from Madina, 'Arur b Al 'Aas spoke contemptuously about Uthman, and said that he would raise even the shepherds of the desert against Uthman.