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Abdullah b Sa'ad sought the permission of Uthman to undertake Jihad against North Africa. In Madina, Uthman summoned a meeting of the Majlis-i-Shura to consider the question. After discussion it was decided that a campaign against North Africa should be undertaken. It was also decided that a force from Madina should be sent to assist the Egyptian forces under Abdullah b Sa'ad. A force of 10,000 warriors was raised in Madina, and sent to Egypt under the command of Harith b Al Hakam, in the fall of 647 C.E. The Madina force included Ma'bad b Abbas; Abdul Rahman b Abu Bakr; Abdullah b Umar; Ubaidullah b Umar; Abdullah b Zubair; Abdullah b 'Amr Al 'Aas and Marwan b Al Hakam.