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7. The Caliphate of Abu Bakr and Umar

18. Uthman's Concept of the Caliphate

19. Governors of Uthman

22. Campaigns Against Nubia

25. Conquest of the Island of Cypress

26. Campaigns in Syria, Armenia, and Asia Minor

32. Transoxiana

35. Abdur Rahman bin Auf

50. Naila's Letter to Amir Muawiyah

52. What the Companions Said About Uthman's Assasination

59. Politics in the time of Uthman

It appears that later some differences arose between Uthman and Talha. and Talha supported the rioters. It is reported that one day during the course of the siege, Uthman called out to the rioters and said, "Is Talha among you." Talha was present among the rioters but he did not respond to the call. When Uthman repeated the call for the third time, Talha responded to the call. Thereupon Othrnan said, "I did not expect that you would be among the rioters, and would not respond to my call." Uthman then asked Talha to recall that once when they were alone with the Holy Prophet, the Holy Prophet had said, "Uthman will be my companion in the paradise." Talha corroborated that what Uthman had said was correct. Thereupon he left the company of the rioters and went home.