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In the traditions it is stated on the authority of Ayesha that one day the Holy Prophet was reclining in her chamber in an informal mood, Abu Bakr and then Umar came to see the Holy Prophet, and he saw them while reclining in the informal mood. Then Uthman sought permission to see the Holy Prophet. Before permitting Uthman to enter the chamber the Holy Prophet gathered his clothes, and sat in a formal mood. After the visitors had left, Ayesha asked the Holy Prophet as to why he was formal about Uthman, while he was not so in the case of Abu Bakr and Umar. The Holy Prophet said: "Uthman is very modest and shy, and if I had been informal with him, he would not have said what he had wanted to say".

On another occasion the Holy Prophet said: "Why should I not be bashful before whom even the angels stand abashed".

According to another tradition recorded on the authority of Ibn Umar, the Holy Prophet said: "Verily, the angels stand abashed before Uthman as they stand abashed before God and His Prophet."