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It is related by Abdullah b Rabah and Abu Qatada that they were with Uthman on the day when his house was attacked. His slaves seeing the crowd of rebels gathered at the door took up arms. Uthman said tc them, "Whoever of you does not take up arms is a free man". Uthman thus forbade his slaves to take up arms on his behalf.

It is also related that Imam Hasan came to Uthman, and wanted his permission to draw sword against the rebels. Uthman said to him, "O my cousin go back to your house and sit there until God brings His decree to Pass. I do not wish to shed blood"

Data Ganj Bakhsh observes in his book Kashful Mahjub" that these words betoken resignation, and show that Uthman had attained the rank of a friend of God. The Sufis take Uthman as their exemplar in sacrificing life, and in resigning his affairs to God in sincere devotion.