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According to Ibn 'Abbas, this place was called "Damardan." Its people were inflicted with plague, so they fled, while a group of them who remained in the village perished. The Angel of Death called to the survivors: "Die you all," and they perished. After a long time a prophet called Ezekiel passed by them and stood wondering over them, twisting his jaws and fingers. Allah revealed to him: "Do you want Me to show you how I bring them back to life?" He said: 'Yes." His idea was to marvel at the power of Allah over them. A voice said to him: "Call: '0 you bones, Allah commands you to gather up."' The bones began to fly one to the other until they became skeletons. Then Allah revealed to him to say:

"Call: '0 you bones, Allah commands you to put on flesh and blood and the clothes in which they had died."' And a voice said: "Allah commands you to call the bodies to rise." And they rose. When they returned to life they said: "Blessed are You, 0 Lord, and all praise is Yours." Ibn 'Abbas reported that the dead who were resurrected were four thousand, while Ibn Salih said they were nine thousand.

Qur'anic references: