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"Later on her boy reached the age of puberty and married a lady from them. Then an idea occurred to Abraham, which he disclosed to his wife (Sarah). 'I want to call on my dependents I left (at Mecca).' When he went there he greeted (Ishmael's wife) and said: 'Where is Ishmael?' She replied: 'He has gone out hunting.' Abraham said (to her): 'When he comes, tell him to change the threshold of his gate.' When Ishmael came, she told him the same, whereupon Ishmael said to her: You are the threshold, so go to your family (i.e. you are divorced).'

"Again Abraham thought of visiting his dependents whom he had left (at Mecca), and he told his wife (Sarah) of his intentions. Abraham came to Ishmael's house and asked: 'Where is Ishmael?' Ishmael's wife replied: 'He has gone out hunting,' and added: 'Will you stay (for some time) and have something to eat and drink?' Abraham asked: 'What is your food and what is your drink?' She replied: 'Our food is meat and our drink is water.' He said: '0 Allah! Bless their meals and their drink.'

Abu Al-Qasim, i.e. Prophet, said: "Because of Abraham's invocation there are blessings (in Mecca)."