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It was on 8th July 2014, that Israel launched a military operation in the Hamaz ruled Gaza. Terrible seven weeks of Israel bombardment and massive brutal attacks on Gaza people. More than 2,200 people lost their lives, 10,000 became homeless and more brutality towards mere public. Alas, it’s been six months on from the attacks and pledges have not been fulfilled, reconstruction has stalled and hope is draining away. This month we learnt that just over 5 percent of the money pledged to rebuild Gaza after last summer’s devastating 51-day conflict with Israel has been delivered. What does this say about the international community’s commitment to the beleaguered territory and its 1.8 million residents? Author expressed his anxiety on the condition of current Gaza and he is sad and angry on the government’s careless turn towards Gaza rehabilitation. The health services are struggling to cope. They are overburdened and under-resourced. There are, once again, severe shortages of drugs and consumables as the supplies delivered in the war run out. Many of the staff has not been paid for months, others are receiving only 60 percent of their salaries as a result of the Palestinian Authority’s financial crisis which has been compounded by Israel’s withholding of tax revenues.

Donors must deliver on their pledges. The PA and Hamas must settle their differences for the greater good of their people and for the possibility of peace. Israel must live up to its responsibilities as the occupying power and lift the siege. Egypt, too, must play its part by reopening the Rafah crossing on a regular and reliable basis. Considering the horrors of what we saw last July and the very real possibility of it being repeated, we must start fresh new efforts to return hope to Gaza.

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