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Once up on a time in Indonesia. Date was on December 26th of December 2004. Nola, a cute seven year’s old little girl was watching television from home and suddenly she felt like her home is shaking. Her mom rushed her like a wind and ran out of the home by holding her tight. But the situation seems like nothing to worry and returned back home by seeing the quiet climate. But within the next 10 minutes, giant waves rushed in and Nola’s mother held onto her tightly, struggling to keep her grip against the force of the waves. But the force was too great and Nola was pulled from her mother’s arms. She lost her beloved mom, father and sisters. Nola left alone in that devastated area. She couldn’t even cry for help due to sorrow, fear and loneliness. Her neighbor rescued her somehow from death. And Nola is alive now.

2004 witnessed a giant tsunami which took 230,000 lives across different countries. Then the Islamic Relief family worldwide came together to provide assistance included water and protection for thousands of people. By the end of the next spring, most of the orphans got sponsorship. Among them, one was our Nola. She is getting education with the help of sponsors and living with her grandmother. With the wholehearted efforts of Islamic Relief family worldwide, more than 6000 people were employed in cash for work programs. Islamic donors in United States are still helping the refugees to recover fully from the calamities.

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