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ICNA (Islamic Circle of North America) Atlanta chapter- is on a mission to launch bill board campaigns to encourage dialogue and mutual understanding.

The story behind the billboard campaign is all about a recent protest held in Kennesaw, Georgia, that some of the residents marched against the establishment of an Islamic centre, calling Islam an evil religion and accusing Muslims of terrorism. The ICNA is on the mission to prove that Islam is the most compassionate and truth giving religion which will never ever stay for terrorism or antinational activities. ICNA is now enriched to educate the fellow Americans on wiping out bigotry and ignorance by speaking out and educating.

Atlanta chapter has put up the ‘Why Islam’ billboards with the message: “Islam? Get the Facts” in that area, at the I-75 North, near Exit 265. A second billboard has been in place since last week in Macon, Georgia, at the I-75 North near Exit 164.

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