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Prophet Muhammad once said that there are five qualities to act up on by an Islam.

  1. Guard yourself against things forbidden, you will be the most worshipful of people.
  2. Be content with what God has allotted you, you will be the richest of people.
  3. Be good to your neighbour, you will be a believer.
  4. Love for people what you love for yourself, you will be a Muslim.
  5. Do not laugh much; much laughing deadens the heart.

Prophet is the wisest in this universe and his goodness of mind was only excelled by his goodness of character, whose creation and nobility was not narrowed or ruffled by anything. Prophet was a person whose doors kept open for all his devotees’ questions and doubts. Muhammad never said no to anything for which he was asked. We the mankind must follow prophet’s style that to constantly mindful of God, waste no time in useless talk and chant his prayers. He lived his time as a common man and lead a legendry simple life. He used to do the house works himself. Prophet was a person who never satisfied his hunger and gave a share to the needy at the same time. Prophet is the greatest teacher to mankind on how to live in this universe and we must follow his path by leaving the sins and gaining the goodness.

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