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Adnan Jalali a former School Teacher and Principal/Head Master turned Leadership Trainer, Executive Coach and International Keynote Speaker speaks about the fear of lose of love among people.

To address the fear factor Adnan Jalali tells one of his secret stories that had happened so far. Many years ago, he was married to a young beautiful God fearing lady, who loved him very dearly and he too in return. It was a kind of love that you see in movies, it is the kind of love that still lingers in our hearts years after we have gone our separate ways. But due to some outside influences, their life ended up in divorce. Somehow the lady kept busy all the time and coped with the grief. After divorce, Adnan’s mind was haunting the truth that his ex-wife was amazing and has been a great lesson for him by her strength of faith. For many people (women in particular) the fear of losing love is completely debilitating. Always keep the lesson that your spouse is a part of your heart and never let that person alone. This fear seems quite normal at first, but when you really dig deep you realize that it is a state of reliance on the other person that may become so powerful and overwhelming that it supersedes your reliance on Al-Wakeel.self belief, internal strength, reliance between each other and fear of love and Allah will lead you to an eternal life.

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