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Parenting is the most admirable and challenging task that a family need to work out a lifetime. We are living in the very post modern culture of 21st century that follows a different and dazzled way. The biggest challenge that a parent has to understand is that we are living in a world very different from the one in which we grew up. Every now and then, our children are living in a globalized, materialized and a superpower world of technology. The major global changes that we face are information exchange and threatening technology empowerment. We live in the information overloaded age and our daily walks on the information super highway and we definitely need to thank the technology for having the complete picture on every walks of the life. But what we need is to have the knowledge on what information to believe in reality and what to believe as just propaganda. Secondly we can say that technology is a challenging scenario. Technology can make life easy. But it can distract and increase false sense of satisfaction to us. Facebook and such social networking sites share billions of posts a day. But do you think, all the shares are informative or justifiable? Never can it be. The aftereffects of the thoughtless words are serious and severe. While posting such things on virtual platforms, always keep in that technology cannot replace wisdom. Natural wisdom never can be replaced by artificial intelligence and vice versa. Use your intellect to understand the event and color the scene to see the whole world.

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