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Do you listen to your child’s words? If not, you must read this. Children have many attitudes and skills that an adult doesn’t have. Here are some skills that we can learn from our children.


Kids do not give up things hastily. They are always goal oriented and keep trying till they accomplish that goal.

Positive attitude towards mistakes

Children will never dwell in their mistakes. They take their mistakes as learning experience.

Purity of heart

Children do not hold complaints and forgive easily. They are transparent about their feelings. Adults should learn to deal with one another with the same level of sincerity.

Ability to adjust

Children are flexible and adjustable to all types of situations. At the same time adults are often rigid and resistant to change.

Laugh and smile

A child can laugh 200 times a day and an adult will only 14 or 17 times a day.


Kids have curious mind. They are the best inventors in the universe.


People who choose to trust tend to be happier, better liked by others and more ethical than less trusting people. Children are noticeably trusting of others.


Youngsters are the most confident, smartest and strongest people in the society.

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