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God is the lord of universe and he is the source of inspiration for all living beings. Goodness is the best synonym for God. And thus living with goodness means you are living with God. God can bring you every kind of prosperity in life- peace, eternity, comfort, happiness, wealth and so on. But every human must understood the way to live with goodness and the way to see God.

All people are living with some concerns such as some for children, some for wealth, some for solace and some for just making ego. All the stated instances are created things. At the same time did you ever think of live for the creator? Then start thinking. Just start live for the creator. The God. The Almighty. Allah… We people are busy loving the created things and forget the creator often. Live with God by avoiding all the distractions surrounds you such as the desire for this or that, fascination with money, friends, family, luxuries and, of course, your own ego. The author says that this world is a temporary set up and the eternity lies in the other world after death.

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