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‘Social reforms’ is a wider subject of talk among society and still it remains as a matter of talk only. No one thinks of put it in to practice by making good things in the society. We all people think in a way like ‘I am always right and the other person needs to be reformed’. Primarily, we must change this attitude. All must get reformed for a better society. We used to listen lectures from imams from mosque and listen to such subjects while Juma prayers. We can put into practice a few things for reforming the society in the best way. We must talk about social evils such as as dowry demands, wasteful and showy wedding ceremonies, physical abuse within families, irresponsible polygamy among the lower classes, educational backwardness, skin-color discrimination and even caste consciousness. Talking about these issues among society and taking better solutions to wipe out this will help to have a reformed society. In this running age of psycho modernity, the thing we can do is unity with a social progress. Coordinate small debates incorporated with small group of people and let all of the participants to talk about their issues and social evils they are facing or the society is facing. This will be a good start to have an effective social reform.

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