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Reclaim your Heart; a wonderful piece of literature from Yasmin Mogahed is dealing with personal insights on how to escape yourself from life’s restraints. The book goes through all the life paths such as love, loss, happiness and pain. Author says that it’s easy to live if we open our heart to God and let him to take care us rather than thinking and engaging in the confused paths in this universe. The book travels in an autobiographical tone that she describes her early life experiences as a girl of 17 years old. Author talks about the life circumstances and happenings in a tone that each of us can feel that it’s our life. If we are born to live in this universe, we must walk across some bridges such as anger, fear, happiness, hurt, fear, attachment, love, care, confusion, aggression, depression, pain and loss. She says that, God is the ultimate destination to sink with or overcome all these feelings. And we must turn our mind to Allah, the Almighty.

Yasmin Mogahed is a Bachelor’s degree holder in Psychology and Master’s degree holder in Journalism and Mass Communication from University of Wisconsin-Madison. Currently, she serves as an international speaker and writer in Huffington Post.

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