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Are you eagerly waiting for the month of Ramadan? If yes, that’s quite awesome and deserves praises. Many Muslims waits the month of Ramadan with mixed feelings. Some love to fast and celebrate Ramadan. Some fear genuinely by thinking of the long hours of fasting. And most of countries will be hot in this season. When you analyze a day of a real Muslim, prayer is a pure but difficult thing to perform. There will be lack of prayer hall at your office or schools. But at any cost, we the Muslims perform prayers everyday without fail. Likewise fasting is very hard and difficult. There will be pain and ache in body parts due to hunger and thirst. But here lies the exact challenge and worship. At the very month of Ramadan, we must learn to live by helping others and giving zakat to the deserving people. If you fast in the month of Ramadan, your sins will be forgiven by Allah. Fasting is a complete act o worship and forgiveness. Make good decisions in this Ramadan such as love Allah, set good goals for future, help poor and love your family.

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