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You may be going through a difficult time in your life and the situation might be very tough for you to handle. Never think like you are in the dead end of life. Allah can create all difficulties in you. But just think that it’s all his examination on you to know whether you are a stubborn or weak person. Everyone has different attitudes; some people are impatient, some are restless, some are distrusting, some are uneasy, some are prone to negativity and others are quick to anger. Troubles, sickness, losses and deficiencies are all blessings for one to overcome these flaws, beautify his soul, and improve his moral values. Allah knows that what every individual needs and not. Be a good believer of Allah and it will strengthen your spirit. Allah creates different events for everyone on Earth. Often, you may go through rebellious states of your personality. But just think that, this is all the witchcraft of Satan. Our Lord knows best what people can cope with and how much. Allah is infinitely just and forbearing toward his servants. Allah believers never lose their joy and faith if there is a pitfall in their life they will wait and try for the good time with prayers and thanks giving to the almighty.

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