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Sheima Salam Sumer, a trained counselor by profession explains that faith should be a source of achieving felicity and joy, paving the way for happy individuals and happy societies, and a happy humanity at large through her book ‘How to Be A Happy Muslim Insha Allah.’ The book aims to guide you in attaining inner peace and joy by uniting Islamic teachings with mental and physical health concepts. Do not get into worries or hurries due to pitfalls in your life, Allah will create a happy path in between. By reading this book, you can manage your emotions and sentiments. One of the main subjects she talks about is on negative judgement about other people. There are people around us who used to blame others for their deeds or conditions. But why we are talking negative on others? Who gave us the authority to blame them? Our situations will go back and forth. It will progress or regress. But the apex of judgement can be given by Allah only. No other living legends can comment negative on others.

The book also talks about Quran and Sunnah, resources from psychology, health and nutrition, and personal stories to provide readers with clear, practical tools to make positive improvements in their attitude and behavior. Happiness has great importance in one’s life so that we have to produce contents that can establish happiness all the way. The book provides steps on how the practical application of timeless and sacred Islamic teachings can formulate a happy Muslim.

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