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This is a wonderful article on suicide and its haram in Islam. The author of this article Saba Malik shares some knowledge he got from a depression mastery seminar by a prominent Muslim Shaykh, eight years back. Suicide is a sin in Islam. But the author still wonders that by knowing the fact that suicide is a bad activity, why Muslims still tries to kill themselves. Once the seminar finished, the author went up and asked the Shaykh that if a Muslim attempts or commits suicide, what happens to him. The Shaykh answered that definitely, he will go to hell. Mental illness, hallucinations, diseases, financial conditions, family problems etc. can cause one to commit suicide. Depression can be treated with some of the tools practiced in our day to day life and concentration. Following steps are helpful to avoid depression.

  1. Regular salah
  2. Medication
  3. Psychotherapy or cognitive behavioral therapy
  4. Regular exercise
  5. Healthy eating
  6. Good sleep hygiene
  7. Keeping up with physical hygiene
  8. Active and meaningful social relationships
  9. Support groups or blog 10.Giving back to your community

Dr. Al-Khater says that apart from the above tools, situational depression can be alleviated by practicing the following tools:

  1. Using the Islamic creed
  2. Doing righteous deeds
  3. Offering salah and reciting prayers
  4. Contemplating the worst cases
  5. Having good opinions
  6. Living with a realistic – not idealistic – point of view
  7. Behaving well towards other and yourself
  8. Having hope

Above all, prayer and preach Allah is the best solution to forget the thoughts about committing suicide.

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