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This is a great article by Muhammad Zafar, who talks about the evil side of suicide.

Did you ever think of suicide? If not, you are beloved to Allah and he will take care of you till your death. Committing suicide or thinking of suicide is a great evil, that Allah hates it the most. .

You don’t have the right to even think of committing suicide. Always you must be in a state of matured thinking. Don’t care much for failure anymore. If you are moody, start to look at things differently. Spend time with friends and start to get into the things that can entertain you. Stop comparing yourself to others and worrying about the things that would benefit you. Engage with your friends, family, brothers at the Mosque and even strangers (for Allah) and in a short time, you will feel better.

Engage your time in doing activities like reading books, listen to lectures, sit down and converse with your mom. The more you do it, and the more you went out of your way to do it, the more your life will get balanced. That balance will bring more happiness in your life.

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