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Ramadan Journal- Day 2 is a great piece of writing from Umm Salihah’s blog Happy Muslim Mama. The author talks about a beautiful Hadith about Ramadan which is the Prophet’s (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) sermon on Ramadan delivered on the last Friday of the preceding month (Shaban). The Hadith reveals many good advices to devotees and a number of promises too. An abridged meaning of this great Hadith is as follows:

This is exactly the blessed month of Allah. Ramadan is the month of forgiveness and blessings to the humanity. Its days, nights and hours are the best things in a year. Each of your breath can glorify Allah and his deeds. You have to fast and recite Quran and other holy books of Islam so that Allah would mercy up on you and he will give you a healthy body and heart. You must be compassionate to orphans. If you have committed any sins, you should repent to Allah and raise your hands in dua during Ramadan times. If you give Iftar to a fasting person, your sins would be forgiven. No matter the quantity of the Iftar. It can be a cup of water. That can free you from your past sins. If you honour an orphan, Allah will honour you. If you spread mercy and kindness to others, Allah will spread his mercy up on you. If you cuts a beautiful relation, Allah will cut the mercy from you. If you performs a recommended prayer in this month, Allah will keep the fire of hell away from you. If you performs an obligatory prayer, Allah will reward with seventy prayers in this month. If you prays a lot of time during this month, Allah will reward for you.If you recite one verse of the holy Quran, you will get the rewards of reciting the whole Qur’an during other months. Obeying this wonderful things in the holy month of Ramadan can keep the door of heaven for you, not the hell.

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