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This video describes about the unhealthy eating habits, the main cause of sickness in human body. Islam believes that there is a profound relation between the soul and the body. That’s why we worship with our body and believe in bodily resurrection. So, taking care of the body is very important to the Muslims. Most of the sickness today is because of the devices and machines we are using in our daily life. People don’t go out in nature, they don’t feel nature, they don’t breathe properly, they don’t exercise.

Interestingly people are getting sick from eating. In surah ‘Araf in the Quran verse number 31, Allah (SWT) says “Eat and drink and do not go in excess, Allah does not love those who excess”. The factor here is how much amount of food we consume. During the Khalifah of Omar (RA), he forbade meat to be eaten two days in a row. But now a day we eat meat every single day. As a result of this over consumption we get sick.

Prophet Mohammed (saw) used to exercise, had a flat stomach and he didn’t like fat stomachs. Prophet (saw) once said “The human being (the son of Adam) has not filled any vessel worse than your stomach!” A Muslim should eat as if one third is for food, one third for water and one third for air.

Solution is:

  1. If we can buy organic, eat organic.
  2. Decrease the amount of food we eat.
  3. If we can grow our own, of-course we should grow.
  4. Read and be very conscious of what we consume.
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