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Did you ever think that women are the being to live under men? If yes, you are mistaken and you are an ignorant person. Qur’an says that Islam women can be leaders and administrators and judges. Allah has created his servants to lead an equal life. There is no inequality in treating women and men in Islam. Islam teaches that women are entitled to be perfect rulers because they are created to be more sensitive in certain regards, as entities whose compassionate aspects are more pronounced and who live by a profound love and affection, and also in terms of the establishment of justice.

Even if the rules and sayings are like this, still womanhood is getting only secondary importance. The ugly idea that women cannot be trusted and that their every word needs to be treated with suspicion predominates in bigotry. But you have to understand that the Qur’an totally eliminates this perverse way of thinking. Qur’an says that women are the valuable servants to be respected, whose words are to be trusted and who need to be tended carefully, like plants. So we must protect, respect and care women in all spheres. From now on, if any one still thinks that Qur’an addresses men and that this makes men superior, they must understand the truth, they are still interpreting the Qur’an in a non proper way. The Qur’an imposes more responsibilities on men because of the value attached to women. This is a blessing for women.

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